Fernando Funes

How to Help Yourself & Your Students at the Same Time

Here’s a proven way to keep providing value to your students as an e-commerce course creator.

Course Creators are vital to the digital marketing ecosystem. 

You empower people to go out there and chase their business dreams by giving them the skills and insights they need to begin. 

All of the internet should be sending you one big gift basket of gratitude and appreciation. 

What’s awesome about being a course creator is the positive change you bring to people’s lives through the knowledge you give and the value you provide. 

So how do you keep providing value once your students have graduated from your program, or are looking for a way to test the skills they learned from you? 

A training program is only as good as the opportunities it can provide to its graduates. 

So what opportunities are you pointing out to your graduates? 

Which ones are you leading to them where they will have the support and resources to have the most success? 

Now, you’ve probably heard of selling on Amazon (maybe you teach about selling on Amazon). 

Well, let me introduce you to Helium 10, the leading software for Amazon sellers. We have the tools and resources for new sellers to launch and run their first e-commerce businesses on Amazon. 

And it’s not a lot of hype - we have over 30+ tools for every process vital to selling on Amazon, including some of the most popular and widely used Product Research and Keyword Research tools in the Amazon FBA seller space. 

Because of the value you provide to your students, and the tools and resources Helium 10 provides, this is a mutually beneficial relationship you may want to consider. 

But how do you partner with Helium 10? 

The Helium 10 Affiliate Program! 

What’s that?

The Helium 10 Affiliate Program connects with brand partners who promote Helium 10 with their own personal brand whether it be on social media, blogging, or through your course. 

For promoting Helium 10, we make sure to reward you handsomely. 

In fact, here’s how we’ll compensate you for your time: 
  • 25% Lifetime Commissions on all conversions - that’s right, you’ll get paid once a month for every conversion you make for the lifetime of the subscription; no one pays out like we do! 
  • Epic Bonuses - unlock cash prizes, once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and your very own Dream Car with our Epic Incentive Program, rewards on top of your commissions
  • Unlimited Earning Potential - There are no commission caps! Build as much revenue as you can. The sky’s the limits for your success.

No one pays like the Helium 10 Affiliate Program! 

Also, it’s not just up to you to do all the work. We provide lots of help in every way possible to make sure you’re focusing on connecting with your audience and promoting the value of Helium 10. 

Here’s how we help: 
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers - Your dedicated Affiliate Manager will help you strategize how to best promote Helium 10 to make sure you get every commission possible 
  • Exclusive Discount Codes - Get personalized discount codes for your audience and more
  • Marketing Resources - We have ready-to-go swipe file emails, digital ads, landing pages, and more for you to have copy-and-paste marketing campaigns

So really all you have to do is focus on getting the word out to your audience. We’ll give you all you need and provide assistance to you in whatever way you need. Your success is our success, and we want to see you skyrocket! 

If you’re interested in partnering with the Helium 10 Affiliate Program, we encourage you to apply today

Applying is fast and easy, and you’ll find out if you’ve been approved quickly. 

Fill out this form right now and get started on becoming a Helium 10 Affiliate 

If you have any more questions, check out this link.


Who can actually qualify?

Anyone who has an audience or is starting to build one. We especially encourage fans (and users) of Helium 10, as well as people with existing knowledge of Amazon FBA and Helium 10.

How do I get paid?

The Helium 10 Affiliate Program pays you on the first of the month, after you reach a monthly threshold of $150.00 or more. Payments are paid out through PayPal.

Will you provide me with marketing materials?

Your Affiliate Account Manager will provide you with materials such as graphics, copy, branding guidelines, and plenty of other assets for you to use.

Who do I talk to if I need help?

You will be assigned a dedicated Affiliate Account Manager to help you at every step of being a Helium 10 affiliate.

Can I seriously earn my dream car?

Yes! Other affiliates have – why not you?‍