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Meet The Helium 10 Brand Evangelists

Meet the in-house experts of Helium 10. They are the insightful experts which are here to simplify an often-confusing process.

For sellers navigating the e-commerce maze, Helium 10 and their Brand Evangelists are their trusted senseis, by their side no matter where they are on their journey. Our all-in-one software, training resources and cutting-edge thought leadership give sellers every element they need to start, grow and succeed on Amazon. That’s why over 1 million Helium 10 users have relied on our precision products and ecommerce expertise.

Our In-House Experts of Helium 10

Bradley Sutton - Director of Training & Chief Evangelist

As Director of Training and Chief Evangelist at Helium 10, Bradley Sutton helps hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers, beginner to 9-figure sellers, achieve their business dreams.

A born entrepreneur, Bradley Sutton started a million-dollar aftermarket car parts business when he was only 19 years old. Dynamic--and maybe just a little bit crazy--Bradley went on to become a Sumo Wrestler, and then, an early Social Media Influencer as a Zumba Fitness instructor. His exercise videos have been watched more than 30 million times on YouTube.

Today, in his Helium 10 training videos and exclusive Elite workshops, and during his live presentations at international and national seller conferences, Bradley draws on his 20 years of experience to teach other people how to succeed as Amazon sellers.

In two years before he joined Helium 10, he launched and optimized more than 400 products, learning a lot about what works, and what...doesn't. This seller expertise makes him the perfect person to show you how to Crush It too!

One caveat, due to Bradley's limited availability, only top level affiliates will be eligible for collaboration (200+ conversions per month).

Tool Focus / Expertise:

  • All Helium 10 Tools

Shivali Patel - Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate

In the ecommerce industry since 2015, Shivali launched her first brand on Amazon in 2019. Since then, she has published several books and found her passions in industries centered around delivering authentic, helpful tools others can use to grow and succeed.

Tool Focus / Expertise:

  • Helium 10 Tools:
    • Black Box, Trendster, Chrome Extension, Cerebro, Magnet, Frankenstein, Scribbles, Listing Builder, Keyword Tracker, Market Tracker 360, Alerts, Inventory Protector & Refund Genie.
  • KDP Demos of Any Kind
  • Amazon Product Research
  • Product Research for Dropshipping
  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Product Photography - Creating your own images / infographics
  • International Markets

Language Spoken:

  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi / Light Urdu

Lem Turner - Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate

An entrepreneur at heart, Lem loves all things business -- especially within Marketing & eCommerce.

He's a Brand Evangelist who has managed over +$1M of Ad Spend and +$10M of Ad Sales over his career for brands. On his own, he's an upper 6-figure seller and PPC expert who has done a blend of consulting, private label, and retail arbitrage.

Tool Focus / Expertise:

  • Helium 10 Tools:
    • Can speak about any tools but is an expert at Portals, Follow Up, Profits, Inventory Management, & Mobile App
  • Amazon Demos of All Levels
  • Beginner Adtomic Demos
  • Amazon Q&A
  • Wholesale/Retail Arbitrage/Private Label
  • Amazon Demos of Helium 10 Tools

Carrie Miller - Senior Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate

Carrie has been an e-commerce seller since 2016 and a Helium 10 user since 2017. She started selling on Amazon.com and then quickly expanded to Shopify and now Walmart.com. She is also currently a Senior Brand evangelist for the Walmart.com tools at Helium 10. She is passionate about sharing strategies, tips and tricks that will help other e-commerce sellers succeed.

Tool Focus / Expertise:

  • Helium 10 Tools:
    • Cerebro, Magnet, Keyword Tracker, Listing Builder, Listing Analyzer, Xray, Chrome Extension, Black Box
  • Walmart Demos of All Levels
  • How to Sell on Walmart
  • Live Walmart Q&A
  • All levels of Amazon (except NO PPC/Adtomic)
  • Walmart, Amazon, and Shopify Seller

Vince Montero - Senior Product Marketing Manager - Adtomic

Vince Montero is the Senior Marketing Manager for Helium 10's PPC platform, Adtomic. During his 16 year career in digital marketing, he built his expertise around the latest ad-tech in both the US and the UK. As a Digital Advertising consultant since 2016, he’s focused on helping sellers of all stages advertise more effectively on Amazon and brought that experience to Helium to design the ultimate PPC management solution.

Tool Focus / Expertise:

  • Helium 10 Tools:
    • Adtomic
  • General Amazon PPC - Expert (5+ years)
  • Adtomic demos for affiliates to make content
  • Adtomic trainings of affillates audience
  • Pre-recorded Adtomic videos on ad-hoc basis

What's the process of working with an Evangelist?

When an affiliate would like to collaborate with an evangelist, reach out to your Affiliate Growth Reps (AGRs) or Affiliate Managers (AMs) and they work on processing the request.


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Who can actually qualify?

Anyone who has an audience or is starting to build one. We especially encourage fans (and users) of Helium 10, as well as people with existing knowledge of Amazon FBA and Helium 10.

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How do I get paid?

The Helium 10 Affiliate Program pays you on the first of the month, after you reach a monthly threshold of $150.00 or more. Payments are paid out through PayPal.

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Will you provide me with marketing materials?

Your Affiliate Account Manager will provide you with materials such as graphics, copy, branding guidelines, and plenty of other assets for you to use.

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Who do I talk to if I need help?

You will be assigned a dedicated Affiliate Account Manager to help you at every step of being a Helium 10 affiliate.

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You will be assigned a dedicated Affiliate Account Manager to help you at every step of being a Helium 10 affiliate.

Yes! Other affiliates have – why not you?‍

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